You have breakthrough technology but do not know where to market it? You are leader in a niche market and are wondering whether others markets may value your technologies ?

Ignyte Technologies offers solutions that will meet your business needs to showcase your expertise and technologies. From market analysis to strategic consultancy and definition of business models, Ignyte helps you to create, deploy and fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Industry has always been our primary thrust.
From the outset of our partnership, we commit to seek out and identify new business opportunities through a 360-degree market overview. We aim to make the most of your technologies, even if it means taking them outside their initial field of application.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise across science- and technology-based industrial sectors :









Our areas of expertise

  • We analyse your market environment (trends, SWOT, key players) and share the latest trends
  • We take an in-depth look at your « know how » and technology features and reveal your unique and competitive edge
  • We identify and prioritize the applications with the highest growth potential
  • We develop effective business models to ensure your technology find its way into the markets