Marketing of Innovation

“Target the right market”

You have a breakthrough technology but do not know where to market it? You are leader in a niche market and wonder whether others markets may value your technologies ? Ignyte offers solutions that match with your business needs for highlighting your expertise and technologies.

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Business Development

“Develop/expand the Market”

You have a clear picture of markets to target but struggle to go and execute? The domestic market is not big enough ? Are you looking to expand overseas and reach new markets? – Ignyte can help shaping your business action plan and strategy thanks to custom-made solutions that meets your growth ambitions.

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Marketing Communication

“Increase your visibility”

Looking for increasing your market visibility ? Do you consider your communication and corporate offer presentations do not always match with your target audience ? Do you feel your added value is not clearly understand or defined? Ignyte can help to work out ways to drive the markets and customers’s awareness of your expertise and technologies.

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